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10-Step Guide to Buying a House


  1. Are you ready to be a homeowner?
  2. Hire a Realtor®
  3. Get pre-approved
  4. Look at homes
  5. Choose a home
  6. Get funding
  7. Make an offer
  8. Get insurance
  9. Closing!!
  10. What’s next?!

5 Lessons From First-Time Home Buyers



  1. Mortgage meltdown — never count on your financing until it’s final/closed…
  2. Count your costs — keep track of your mounting costs and fees…
  3. Budget time & money for repairs — they’ll cost you, in more ways than one…
  4. Multiple visits are okay — don’t be shy if you want to re-visit the home…
  5. Learn (& love) thy neighbors — it can make or break your living situation…

Protect Your Family: Prevent Carbon Monoxide Exposure

•Carbon monoxide (CO) exposure incidents increase during the winter months and CO is often called the ‘silent killer’.

•CO is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that, when inhaled, combines with the blood and prevents it from absorbing oxygen, which can lead to illness or death.

•According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System, municipal fire departments across the country respond to more than 60,000 CO incidents each year.


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[via Lakeshore Weekly Newspaper]


2014 Cost vs. Value: 5 Mid-Range Remodeling Projects That Offer the Biggest Returns.

  1. Entry door replacement (steel)
  2. Deck addition (wood)
  3. Attic bedroom
  4. Garage door replacement
  5. Minor kitchen remodel


Source: Realtor.org | ‘Styled, Staged, Sold’ (blog)

Extend Living Space with a Comfy Screened-In Porch


Source: HouseLogic.com 


Young Renters Say They Want to Own, But…

Young Renters Say They Want to Own, But …

“Most younger renters think owning is a more sensible housing choice for financial reasons, according to Fannie Mae’s new National Housing Survey. Seventy-six percent of young renters, defined in this study as between 18 and 39, think owning makes more sense because they’re protected against rent increases, and owning can be a good investment over the long-term.” (via RealtorMag.Realtor.org).